Friday, February 27, 2009


Once again we come across the theme of waiting. Psalm 31 expresses our dependence on God as our “refuge,” our “rock,” and “a castle” to keep us safe. The psalmist recounts his experiences of sorrow and loss; he acknowledges his weakness and insufficiency, but then proclaims to the Lord, “My times are in your hand.” In other words, the psalmist recognizes God’s ultimate sovereignty and power and puts his trust in God’s provision.

Trusting and waiting are interconnected. As we grow in our ability to trust God, we likewise grow in our capacity to wait upon God. If don’t trust that God is faithful, if we don’t trust that his promises are true, why would we wait for Him? Why would we wait for God’s provision if we don’t trust that He will meet all our needs? Why would we wait for God’s direction if we don’t trust that He will order our steps? Trust is the necessary prerequisite to spiritual waiting.

In the New Testament, trust and faith are the same word in Greek. So, if we declare that we walk by faith, we are essentially saying that we walk in trust trust in God’s provision, protection, and direction for our lives. As the psalmist declares, “Be strong and let your heart take courage,” walk in faith and trust as you wait for the Lord.


  1. There doesn't seem a day that this 'trust and wait' issue is not with me. Often in small ways for me personally but at this time BIG ways in my children's lives. One example, our eldest just had the sale of their house fall through. The sale is just one of many steps she and her family need to go through in order to return to the Valrico area. I will send this on to my kids. Thanks.

  2. 'Trusting and waiting' is going to be an important part of how we deal with the current economic crisis.