Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning we read the account of Jesus’ first miracle at a wedding in Cana. As the wedding guests are enjoying the festivities, Mary, the mother of Jesus, exclaims, “They have no wine.” Mary’s statement, at face value, describes the reality of the situation on the ground; a major wedding feast is underway, the wine has run dry, and, if something isn’t done soon, the guests will undoubtedly begin to murmur and complain. At a deeper level, Mary’s words point to the spiritual deficiency among God’s people that Jesus came to reveal. The empty water jars symbolize the spiritual emptiness we often experience in our lives; whereas the presence of Jesus brings fullness of blessings. The attendants fill the empty jars with water, but in the presence of Jesus, the water overflows as wine.

Many times in our lives, we come to God and echo the words of Mary, “We have no wine.” We come to God and acknowledge our spiritual emptiness; we acknowledge our spiritual deficiency. Then we offer to God what we have. We offer our jars filled with water, nothing extraordinary or spectacular. But then, in the presence of Jesus, the water becomes wine; the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the mundane becomes spectacular. Our spiritual emptiness is filled to overflowing!

Lord, today we acknowledge that we have no wine. We come empty and thirsty for your presence in our lives. Come and transform us by your presence. Come and transform our ordinary lives into extraordinary expressions of your glory. Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.

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  1. Symbolism! Groan. I have never been good at it. Between the Bible and Shakespheare I depend on teachers, concordances and priest. Thanks for being around for both and making it fun.