Tuesday, March 3, 2009


During the course of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the disciples were often perplexed and confused by what they experienced or by the words Jesus spoke. In this morning’s reading from John’s gospel, we find Jesus cleansing the Temple, and in the midst of this prophetic action, Jesus declares that he will destroy this Temple and rebuild it in three days. The Temple of which he spoke was, of course, his own body. The disciples, as was usually the case, did not grasp the fullness of what Jesus was declaring about his future and theirs. Only after the resurrection, as they reflected on their experience with Jesus, were their eyes opened to see the truth of Jesus’ words.

Most often our greatest spiritual insight is gained by looking back over the course of our life and seeing God’s hand at work. In the midst of difficult circumstances, we are rarely fully aware of God’s loving action and providential care. It is only after the storm has passed, that we can look back and acknowledge the presence of God’s protection and provision. It is only as we look back at the road we have traveled that we can see the footprints of the One who walks with us and, in response to our weakness, often carries us.

Part of Lenten journey must include time for reflection and contemplation. I invite you, therefore, to take a moment today to reflect on your own spiritual journey. As you sit in the stillness of God’s presence, allow Him to reveal His love for you. Allow Him to show you the ways in which He has been with you even through life’s complexity and uncertainty. Receive His unconditional and everlasting love for you.

Open our eyes to see your hand at work in the world about us. – BCP 372


  1. Sorry for the delay in posting this morning. My internet was down at home.

  2. No problem. Maybe it was giving you time to reflect. Couldn't resist.

    I've been noticing generally when I am on the computer, oh just to check e-mail of children out of Valrico, before I know it I'm distracted and off googling something! I try to let this be the only thing (at least for a while) so I WILL reflect.