Sunday, March 8, 2009


Take Up Your Cross

We are all called to be crucifers! The word crucifer means "cross-bearer" or "one who carries a cross." In the gospel reading this morning, Jesus says, "If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me." These words of Jesus are a powerful decription of our call to discipleship, our call to follow him. Taking up our cross means that we are willing to offer our entire lives for the sake of Christ no matter the cost.

However, when Jesus calls us to take up our cross, we find that often we are already carrying too much. Consequently, we often fail to take serious our call to discipleship. What are those who things that we are already carrying?

  • Our PLANS



  • Our SIN

  • Our FEAR

  • Our PAST

We carry these things in our lives; they weigh us down and hold us back from answering our call to take up our cross and follow Jesus. In order to surrender these things to God, we must allow him to change and heal our hearts. But we discover that as we surrender these areas of our lives to God, we are free to take up our cross. We bear our cross not as a burden that weighs us down; Jesus has already carried that weight. We bear the cross as a banner, a banner of salvation, freedom, hope, and love! We answer our call to be crucifers, not in the sanctuary of a church, but in our homes and communities!


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  1. bonk on the head with 2 x 4 -- as I've heard said by others.