Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suggested Reading

For those who are attending the adult forum classes on Sunday morning, here are a few reading suggestions. These are resources you can use if you desire to further explore some of the topics we have been discussing in class.

Questions of Life: A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith
Nicky Gumbel

In this very accessible little book, Nicky Gumbel answers some of the basic questions concerning the Christian faith, such as “Why did Jesus die?” and “How can I be sure of my faith?”

Mere Christianity
C. S. Lewis

In this 20th century spiritual classic, Lewis lays out a systemic defense of the Christian faith from an historical, philosophical, and ethical standpoint.

Christian Theology: An Introduction
Alister E. McGrath

In this seminary level textbook, McGrath provides an overview of Christian theology and its historical development. This is a great reference book to have in your library.

Jesus the Savior: The Meaning of Jesus Christ for the Christian Faith
William C. Placher

This book provides a contemporary analysis of the importance of Christology (the study of the person of Christ) in the Christian life. Although this is a scholarly work, it was written for a more general audience.

The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions
Marcus J. Borg & N.T. Wright

In this fascinating little book, Borg and Wright take on the some of the most important topics of the Christian theology. Each topic is addressed in two chapters, one written by Borg (more progressive in his views) and one written by Wright (more conservative).

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense
N.T. Wright

This is a contemporary defense of the Christian faith. What Lewis’s Mere Christianity was to his day, Simply Christian is to our own. Written in a very refreshing, accessible style, Wright challenges his readers to reengage their faith in new and exciting ways.

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