Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Putting on the New Self

Today is a busy day, so here are just a few brief comments about today's reading!
Our mission statement at Holy Innocents' is Transforming Lives, Transforming the World. The theme of transformation runs throughout the New Testament. In today's reading from Colossians the image of transformation is that of the old self versus the new self. The old self was enslaved to sin and immorality, and therefore must be put to death. Paul frequently speaks of dying to the old way of life, in order that we might walk in newness of life in Christ. For example, in his letter to the Galatians, Paul declares that he has been crucified with Christ. In other words, he has put to death his old self, his old way of life.
In Greek, the word that is translated as "self" is simply the singular generic word "man." Many theologians interpret this to refer to the old "man" (Adam) and the new "man" (Christ). In others words, apart from Christ we are controlled by our old Adamic nature, but through Christ we are given a new nature, a new self. In any event, this passage provides a clear description of our movement from one kind of life to another and this new life is a sign and foretaste of God's new creation to come.

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