Monday, January 3, 2011

Leaving Comments

As we study the bible together in the coming year, I want to encourage you to make comments on my blog. You can ask questions or offer your own reflections on the daily readings. I have attempted to make posting comments as easy as possible. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Click on "Comments" at the bottom the Post you which to comment on.
2. Write your question or reflection in the comment box.
3. Click the box marked "Select Profile"
4. Scroll down and select "Name/URL"
5. Type your name in the box marked "Name" (do not type in box marked "URL")
6. Click "Continue"
7. Click "Post Comment"

It's that easy! Please join the conversation!


  1. This hasn't worked for me so far. I am testing it again.

  2. I figured it out. Thanks.

  3. Joe...great to have you along for the journey!

  4. I am really enjoying these readings. I noticed that in Genesis 20 and 26 Abraham tells Sarah to tell Abimelech that she is his sister. And that Isaac tells Rebekah the same thing. Did I hear that correct. And that Abraham and Sarah really were brother & sister, having the same father but different mothers. Are there any other couples that did that?

  5. Sharon...I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the reading so far. We find that patterns emerge in the Old Testament that seem to repeat themselves generationally. So, for example, both Abraham and Isaac tell their wives to pretend that they are their sisters.

    Also, Abraham was apparently Sarah's half-brother, which is something that I had not picked up on before either. It is important to remember that the ancient world was a much smaller world and it was customary to marry within your own "clan" or "family heritage." So, it would not be unusual for someone to marry their cousin or second cousin, etc.

  6. What's the deal with Isreal blessing Joseph's two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, with his right hand crossed over his left hand? This would be another instance where the younger son would be greater than the firstborn. Why?

  7. This has been a wonderful journey. I was doing the Daniel bible study at the same time we were reading the book of Daniel, so that helped reenforce what I was learning. But I can now say, "I have finished the year long readings." I doubled up here at the end because we will have visitors the last week of December. May God continue to bless this congregation as you continue to challenge us.